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past cpia chairmen


CPIA is pleased to recognize the distinguished service of our past Chairmen dating back to the genesis of our Association in 1939. While our name has changed over the years, the hard-work and dedication exemplified by the individuals has remained constant.


From 1939 to 1958 CPIA was known as the Canadian Graphic Arts Association. In 1958 it became the Graphic Arts Industries Association and in 1987 the Association adopted its current name.


Past CPIA Chairmen
1939-1940 H.E. Saunders Toronto
1940-1941 Arnold . Scott Montreal
1941-1942 P. Emile Arbour Montreal
1942-1944 V.R. Hignell Winnipeg
1944-1945 H. Dickinson Toronto
1946-1947 C.F. Chapman Voncouver
1947-1949 Alfred G. Sinel Montreal
1949-1950 Hector Faber Quebec
1950-1953 George W. Swan Winnipeg
1953-1955 Lyman A. Henderson Toronto
1955-1956 Armand Sirouis Montreal
1956-1958 Ed Roberts Montreal
1958-1959 Gordor R. Dingman Niagara Falls
1959-1962 Guy S. N. Gostling Niagara Falls
1962-1963 Georges Laflamme Quebec
1963-1964 Richard P. White Ottawa
1964-1966 W.E. Trevett Toronto
1966-1968 Fred Best Montreal
1968-1970 Gaston Boulanger Montreal
1970-1971 D. Miller Alloway Willowdale
1971-1973 Frank M. Rolph Montreal
1972-1973 Lyman G. Henderson Don Mills
1973-1975 Laurie O. Pollard Winnipeg
1975-1977 Glen C. Ryan Vancouver
1977-1979 R. Brock Young Toronto
1978-1980 Donald E. O'Brien Toronto
1980-1981 Eric A. Prime Ottawa
1981-1982 Roger A. Kosowan Edmonton
1982 James I. Gledsdale Vancouver
1982-1983 John D. Mingay Toronto
1983 James G. Taylor Calgary
1984 Robert A. Fraser Winnipeg
1984-1985 Douglas G. Scott Toronto
1985-1986 Bernard Larier Montreal
1986-1987 Elliott Aggus Edmonton
1987-1988 Matthew Fyfe Wilowdale
1988-1989 Richard Blockberger Vancouver
1989-1990 John Morris Toronto
1990-1991 Michael McTeigue Montreal
1991-1992 Warren Wilkins Scarborough
1992-1993 Jack Hazeldine Vancouver
1993-1995 Doug McCallum Halifax
1995-1996 Ruby Thomas Toronto
1996-1997 Ross Roy Toronto
1997-1998 Bill Laatsch Regina
1998-1999 Paul Fitzgibbons Halifax
1999-2000 Tom Blockberger Voncouver
2000-2001 Donald N. Gain Toronto
2001-2003 Robert S. Kadis Toronto
2003-2004 Blair Fraser Vancouver
2004-2005 Jeff Ekstein Toronto
2005-2006 Ward Griffin Ottawa
2006-2008 Sean Murray Pictour
2008-2009 Louise Kralka Kirkland
2009-2011 Dean McElhinney Calgary