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Full HR Toolkit resources are available to CPIA members.


CPIA's online HR Toolkit addresses HR issues that plague printing and graphic communication organizations in Canada. It is a virtual HR department, loaded with information and highly-adaptable templates to empower anyone in the industry who has HR responsibilities.


From performance review templates to tips on coaching and developing employees, sample job descriptions to succession plans, CPIA's HR Toolkit is a one-stop HR shop for any company within the printing and graphic communications industry, regardless of size.


Screen ShotCreated specifically for the printing and graphic communications industry, the HR Toolkit focuses on five key areas:


Skilled Staff which includes topics on: Recruitment, Selection, Hiring, Employee Orientation, Developing Skills, Mentoring, Succession Planning and a number of downloadable and adaptable templates.


Setting Goals which includes topics on: Managing Performance, Recognition, Creating Positive Change and downloadable and adaptable templates.


Positive Workplaces which includes topics on: Retention, Turnover Rate, Exit Interviews and Surveys, Managing the Post-Employment Relationship, Gaining Employee Commitment, Conflict Management and many downloadable and adaptable templates.


Health and Safety which includes information on: Occupational Health and Safety, Employee Wellness and adaptable and downloadable templates.


Planning and Organizing includes information on HR Planning, Developing HR Policies and Procedures and downloadable and adaptable templates.


HR Toolkit Templates and Tools


All the downloadable tools and templates have been made available as MS Word documents--this allows you to adapt them (add your company logo, etc) to ensure they meet your organization's specific HR needs.




HR Toolkit Page on Succession Planning

HR Toolkit Page on Effective Human Resource Planning




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